Sunday, 2 October 2016

Mistakes you make in your CV, which makes you look less talented

Resume writing is an art. It is an art of publishing your worth on corporate scale. There are talented people who could be an asset to any company who hires them, only when their resumes don’t seem too depressing. There are many things which are mentioned on the CV wrongly. And do you know it reflects otherwise. How can you improve your resume writing skill? What could be mentioned on a resume that is effective?

First of all, a resume should contain your accomplishments more than that of your farm duties.

Nobody actually cares about what you were appointed to do in your preceding jobs, but they do care about what have you achieved out of it, how well you got your hands on the provided opportunity.
Your resume shall probably reflect the results evaluated by you in the interim of your job roles
If you work as a social media specialist, it is just not enough to mention which brands you ran with a list like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and the rest. But it is important to mention how you have augmented and improved its engagement.

You need to have clarity on everything you want from a job, the right job for you. And not just any job you qualify for.

You need to decide for yourself what kind of job you want to attract. And placing right experience, and showcase right skill for a job, that you want to position for. A small exercise can help you get it, for which you need to figure out the position you want and what specific skills needs to be mentioned.

All you need to adapt is, the projects you worked on, should be taken credit for.

There may be numerous projects you worked on during the course period- it is simple, if you have worked on it, you should always take the credit for it.
If you didn’t lead the project, doesn’t mean you didn’t contribute in its success. You need to mention you assisted in a certain project, but claim that you embarked in its success.

Don’t try to fit in, when you are meant to stand out.

Do not blend, but stand out of the crowd.
When you try to write down the things that usually every one writes in their resume, thinking that it is professional. But it is just something very common. So start trying to mention something that is above the pack of other qualifiers will get bring your resume to the employers notice and make them remember you and hire you in the end.

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