Monday, 22 August 2016

Management skills you need to be the next Great Entrepreneur

In today’s context, an entrepreneur is somebody who works an as employee, operates a business and takes all the risks and rewards that comes into the business, puts his own ideas, and is commonly seen as a leader and innovator of new concepts and processes and envisions in carrying a strategic business for a vital principle of producing greater revenue.
Certain skills of an entrepreneur are fossilized prominently, although the future-next entrepreneurs are required to have distinguished management skills for a remarkable status on a socio-economic platform. A finest entrepreneur thrusts in his business strategies by dumping the traditional ways of management and infuse innovative managerial skills which are boundless, in regards to retain a noteworthy position amongst other entrepreneurs.

It is extremely important for an entrepreneur to blend in the traditional management skills with new models and modernized intellectuals.
  •  An entrepreneur possess management skills such as-
  • Optimizes the use of resources which are scarce
  • Ensures effective leadership
  • Motivates and creates justly environments amongst employees
  • Promotes synchronization amongst industries and their relations.
  • Strategizes towards achievement of primary goals of an organization
  • Enhances Standard of living for the employees
  • Facilitates developmental opportunities and gets work done.
  • Expands productivity
  • Regulates competitiveness in the market business
Apart from these basic managerial skills, a future-next entrepreneur should have his grip on other factors as well to have an effective remarks in the business world today. Information and knowledge are the key elements of management. And implementation of these elements becomes very significant. It is also equally necessary to involve in the society to look after social responsibilities.  An entrepreneur thus needs to execute them to gain greater outputs.
Passionate: An entrepreneur can be trained for certain managerial skills and expertise in the same, but one cannot be trained for passion and its execution, it is something in-built. You will never have to spend single time working on something for which you are passionate about. Over the time, it is been remarked that a passionate person may deteriorate in variety of ways, so it is also important for him to remain self-motivated in order to succeed and perceive in his goals.

Vibrant Personality: A charismatic personality trait in a person can never be overlooked and grabs an eye in the crowd with his jovial nature and brilliancy. His vibes which are on a different frequency makes him stand out in the crowd. ‘Be simple, but significant.’ – Only motto of an entrepreneur. A leader must possess a state of mind as such of creating a long-lasting impact on his subordinates as well as fellow industry personals. Hardworking is another trait of an entrepreneur without which an organization cannot be constructed, where passion becomes a vital attribute.

Ready-to-go attitude: A strong temperament in a person is much required to sail in through highs and lows of the business.
A person needs to have a ready-to-go attitude which is very important to perform as an entrepreneur in the market competitiveness. He takes things the way as they come, through the inconsistencies and unpredictability nature of a business. This personality trait as an apt is very essential for an entrepreneur to behold.

Self-introspection: It is a capacity of a human to look closely and examine his nature and social behavior, and also develop deeper insights for self-learning of his business strategies to sustain a remarkable position. It is an act of knowing ones actions to the fluctuations in a business. ‘Fall down seven times, get up eight.’ It is important to keep a check on the strategies which lead failure, and rectify in no time in accordance to achieve something great in a business.

Flexibility: An entrepreneur needs to adapt certain changes for the betterment of his company. 

 In order to lead, one needs to follow the needs of others and be definitely flexible to change, when the decisions of leading put business or enterprise in jeopardy.

·      Self-belief: A business in jeopardy needs to be ascertained and prioritized to get through the storm with feasible modifications in business strategies and policies; one needs to be very definite about these alterations with a characteristics of self-discipline, patience and self-belief. These qualities of an entrepreneur are evolved as a toll for all the difficulties which come in his way.

Money Management: Time is money and management of these foremost resources is prominently crucial. One who cannot manage time, cannot manage money. In simple words, a person needs to efficiently control his investments, savings, and expenses putting it in the spotlight. This attribute of an entrepreneur is much more important to carry out a business as a whole. It needs to be planned diligently, planning should be considerable, but not over planning.

Networking: Everybody is on social media and connected to family, friends, also following celebrities and tweets which emerges as social learning. Business professionals share their valuable ideas and personal learning on social platform, connecting to such people can be used to ones advances. It helps dynamic entrepreneurs develop various skills like communicating to wide mass, inculcating social trends, having deep insights of market trends, forming groups of individuals having similar interests and widening the circles which can create further opportunities like partnership, franchising, etc. 

These pointers can also make traditional entrepreneurs to grow and advance in this specific profession. As time passes by, it is really important to grow and evolve not only for individual improvement, but also business benefits. There are also many academic courses which are available like Diploma in Entrepreneurship Management (DEM) at Indian School of Business Management and Administration (ISBM).

It is an overall win-win situation for each and every individual who are in fetch of making a difference in the society, for the society, emerging as new entrepreneurs leading the markets economically and drifting along, while taking the business world to new avenues.


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