Saturday, 20 August 2016

Using Social Media for Professional Development

Social media is an enormously huge platform of sharing, learning and implementing ideas. While individuals share their valuable ideas and personal learning on this platform, it becomes quite easier to connect to such people on the wide social front in developing professional skills.
It is not only an idea of sharing holiday pictures, selfies or videos, but it is also a way of learning and connecting to the highly skilled professionals who are excelling in their professions, inspiring the followers on a social media platform with their lifetime achievements. There are many social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, G-Plus, Pinterest, etc. serving as a means for connecting and socializing, engaging and sharing of concepts and success stories on the wider front. Following the latest Twitter trends-hashtags, top grossing stories, RSS feeds, podcasts etc. one can make an optimum use of these mediums to develop new skills or churn the existing ones on a professional level. Business leaders, Facebook scoops, technical experts, educational bloggers are all on Social media engaging in activities such as webinars, blogs, YouTube videos, providing infographics, etc. Technological advancements has taken social media on a new height, engaging people from in and around the world, forming groups of individuals having similar interests or professions, helping individuals develop communication skills on a professional level, formal etiquettes, verbal and non-verbal ways of communication, personality development, time management skills, learning current social trends and inculcating them for professional development, establishing or widening the network socially.

Social Media is a perfect fit in everybody’s daily life and therefore it makes a lot easier in connecting to these experts, not only for personal betterment but also organizational and professional development who has their own firm or aspires to build one using social media as a greatest means.


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