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Indian School of Business Management and Administration

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

India - The frontrunner in creating Business Professionals

It’s the twenty-first century. And certainly there is no cliché for becoming a successful entrepreneur. In context to entrepreneurial skills, an entrepreneur is someone who is a risk taker, decision maker, a great leader, and an innovative thinker. A business professional leads from the front, and as we see there are hoards of people who has emerged as dynamic entrepreneurs. Indian business professionals are the front-runners in this race.

To make it more clear, Indian influx in Silicon Valley started in the late 1970s. Today, 15% of the startups are founded by the Indian business professionals. What is more significant is the population of these professionals which accounts only 6% in Silicon Valley. In Silicon Valley, to not so surprisingly surprise, Indians are dominating immigrants currently! The most influential business leaders from India are Pichai and Nadella, the Head of Google and Microsoft, respectively. Market competitions are cut throat and everybody is chasing after the market constraints.

What makes Indian business professionals stand out of the crowd? Once you start looking closely to this, it is not a constraint. Indians work more efficiently. Indians follow a philosophy of ‘the early morning has gold in its mouth’ which is a translation of German proverb. Waking up early is reportedly a lively method of working efficiently. Rising early inculcates a habit and ability to accomplish beyond imagination or otherwise stable life. Mornings used very wisely, which can be used to build a life style - happier, wiser and productive. While many of the people are in still in bed, some people are considerate in scoring diurnal victories, in order to improve their lives be it health wise, careers, or personal lives, without detriment of their saneness. Yes, time is very crucial, but it is also very crucial to understand the significance of mental sanity. Time spent should not be wasted, perhaps, it is us who gets worked up, eventually. Waking up an hour early can boom your life, to live an hour more. PM Shri Narendra Modi, starts his day at 5:00 am, according to the site to carry out his daily routine of Yoga, pranayama, which makes him spend the entire day more efficiently. The founder of Reliance Jio, Mr. Mukesh Ambani starts his day at 5-5:30am. These small ideas makes Indian business professionals great leaders in the world.

Except the entrepreneurial skills and innovation, India is a frontrunner in creating efficient leaders who makes a great significance in Indian economy. It makes India better, while India becomes a job creator, instead of job seeker. Indian business professionals are adapting personal skills of living vibrant and a healthy life, which places gigantic impact on professional life as well. Cheers to the impressive achievements of Indian Business Professionals, and taking India to another level of attainment.

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Friday, 9 September 2016

Should you get an MBA?

This question arises once a student completes the graduation and aspires to earn a higher certifications from a renowned Educational Institute. The real question lies in ‘should you get an MBA? What is the best way to determine whether you should really get one? What difference does it make, what can be achieved from getting an MBA that cannot be achieved otherwise?
Asking these questions should find its fit in your mind, considering surefire reasons to get yourself an MBA.

Passion- You should be able to recognize what ignites the spark in you, the enthusiasm of achieving something great that is so strong and ragging in you. People with great passion, make the impossible happen. Getting an MBA is a trend as seen in recent times, but it is really important to understand the value of the program closely and its importance which can help in gaining knowledge in business world.
Career- Determining area of interests in the recent time depends on the skills and knowledge you want to gain for the growth of your career. The principle is simple. Follow your passion, and your endeavor with remarkable passion will take you to greatest elevations.’ It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.’

Higher Salary- ‘Make your passion your paycheck.’ With greater passion, ability to strive for success becomes most worthwhile. Doing what you love, causes you to be eager every day and work better, in return fetching higher paycheck.
MBA courses are available through various institutes like ISBM – Indian School of Business Management and Administration, where you can access the course on your own, at a much lower costs. The overwhelming advantage of an MBA program from the institute creates an opportunity to cultivate leadership and managerial interpersonal skills, which helps develop on the greater front in the business world, influencing future-ready entrepreneurs taking ecosystem at apex.